Did you ever surprise how women get along at FMB World Tour competitions? There only some girls accessible who revel in riding dust jumps or even fewer who compete. I am Trek Gravity Girl Kathi Kuypers and I surely love dust jumps. I even have competed in the FMB World Tour for 4 years now. In May, I decided to take a filmer to Bikedays Solothurn in Switzerland to show what takes place behind the scenes and how I address the pressure of using such massive boundaries subsequent to the biggest names in the business. My nickname is Cinderella and this is my tale.

Being a girl in slopestyle appears to be like being a unicorn. Despite growing numbers, there are only a few women in the international competing at Dirt bounce and Slopestyle competitions. In North America, Stephanie Nychka lately hooked up a Women’s Slopestyle Tour with stops in California, Seattle, and Kelowna. I cannot wait to see some more ladies on dirt jumps available. But first I need to inform you of my tale!

I competed at a few European FMB World Tour stops within the closing four years, my favored of which is Bikedays Solothurn in Switzerland. It has been my 4th time taking component in the contest alongside the guys. This yr I wanted to reveal all of us accessible that it is no witchcraft to leap such big contest strains with a bit hardtail. That’s why I even have brought a filmer with me to have a better look behind the curtain of a woman competing subsequent to some of the largest men inside the enterprise. Watch this:
I competed at a few European FMB World Tour stops and my maximum favorite contest is Bikedays Solothurn in Switzerland. It has been my 4th time taking element in the contest along with the guys. This year I wanted to show all and sundry accessible that it’s miles no witchcraft to jump such big contest traces with a little dirt jump motorbike. And that is why I even have added a filmer with me to have a closer appearance backstage of a girl competing next to some of the largest men in the business.
There isn’t any large strain for me to throw banger hints to get at the podium. I simply sincerely love driving big jumps and hard myself. I’d clearly say I’m very calculated in what I am doing. Before losing in I watch the guys and check how much pace they want before asking them how a whole lot they push and the way mellow or kicky the jumps are. After collecting all of the facts, it enables to speak to folks who know my using style and concentrate on their advice. I simplest drop in once I recognize I can do it. There is usually a queasy feeling in my stomach, but I need to distinguish if it is anxiety or appreciates. I absolutely need a healthy dose of appreciate to be a hundred% centered at the jumps. When I’m scared or when it’s far windy I don’t drop in. I additionally recognize that the guys from the Flying Metal Crew, who additionally construct Swatch Rocket Air and many different trails in Switzerland, are wonderful path developers whose capabilities I can believe.

Once I’m on the begin tower I’m constantly talking to myself: “Kathi, you can do that!” and that offers me enough self-belief to drop in. As you could believe, the first attempt is manifestly the scariest one. But as quickly as I get over the primary few attempts it is simply natural a laugh and exhilaration. I most effective do tricks once I experience a hundred% comfortable on the jumps. If my intestine feeling doesn’t want me to take my arms off the handlebar, I simply don’t do it. The simplest purpose I participate within the FMB World Tour is to trip a number of the pleasant dirt bounce guides and to enhance my using. That’s what makes me sense alive and makes me glad.

I desire you may see my enthusiasm and pleasure for dust jumps inside the video and perhaps I can inspire some extra women to get out of their consolation quarter and strive for new things. Because it’s no longer magic; all you need is only a little little bit of glitter and self-belief and every body can be a Cinderella!

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